Negligence/Tort Claims

Negligence-Tort ClaimsThe Law Office of John P. Goshgarian represents accident victims who have suffered serious injury or death as the result of negligence. Whethter you have been injured in an automobile accident, boating accident, motorcycle accident, a trip/slip & fall, work related accident, product liability claim, medical malpractice, construction accident, cruise line accident, swimming accidents-drowning, or a victim of nursing home neglect & abuse, the Law Office of John P. Goshgarian can protect your rights. My office also represents consumer victims and victims of civil rights violations.

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Property Casualty Insurance Claims

Property Casualty Insurance ClaimsIf your property claim has been wrongfully denied or not fully compensated by your insurance carrier or the carrier of another party, the Law Office of John P. Goshgarian represents claimants like you to assist you with your insurance claim. Obtaining the maximum amount of insurance benefits you are entitled to under your policy is our goal. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier and interpreting that contract as applied to the facts of your particular claim can be a difficult task. The Law Office of John P. Goshgarian can assist you in presenting your claim or if needed, commencing a lawsuit against your insurance carrier where appropriate remedies can be sought before a court of law. Most claims are taken on a contingency fee basis where you have no obligation to pay attorney’s fees or cost unless you recover damages under the policy.

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Real Estate Investment/Management

Real Estate Investment-ManagementMIAMI/SOUTH FLORIDA MARKET: There are currently many real estate investment opportunities in Miami and South Florida and there will be more to come in the future. If it is your intention to invest in the market by purchasing a home or condominium unit, the Law Office of John P. Goshgarian will see that your investment property is protected from the beginning and into the future. Legal representation is especially important if you are a foreign investor who will not be residing in the investment property but instead, leasing the premises. Is it best to purchanse your property in your own name or in a corporate name? Is your purchase contract being negotiated, interpreted and explained to you properly? And finally, after your purchase, who will represent your interest in Miami/South Florida as a condinium association member, landlord, owner, insured, property tax payor, etc . . .

The Law Office of John P. Goshgarian has the answers to these questions and solutions that will give you comfort in your new investment property. Referrals to other reputable professionals (i.e. accountants, estate planners, real estate agents, contractors) will also assist you with the management of your investment property and personal needs.

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Commercial/Business Disputes

Commercial-Business DisputesEven sophisticated business persons can find themselves confronted with challenges that require legal consultation. If your business has suffered a loss as a result of a breach of contract, deceptive and unfair practices, fraud, or is the subject of governmental action, contact my office today for consultation.

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